Our canvas and leather products are built to last a long time. However, you may notice some discoloration, dirt, scuffs and changes in texture depending on your usage. These little imperfections are what gives the product it's unique character. Here are some helpful tips to ensure longevity.


We use vegetable tanned leather because it's less damaging to the environment, It's durable and has no synthetic covering. With use, the leather will absorb the oils from your skin to develop a darker patina. That's what makes it so beautiful and unique to you.

To keep your leather in good condition, please use a dry or damp cotton cloth to remove any dirt. Make sure the leather is completely dry. If your leather should get wet from rain, let it dry naturally. Do not place it in direct sunlight or use a hair dryer. This will cause it to fade and sometimes shrink and stiffen.

To protect and restore the moisture in leather, please use a premium quality conditioner. We recommend using a leather care kit from Otter Wax. It's all natural and helps to waterproof your leather.


Our duck waxed canvases are sourced from a premium American supplier. This brand is known for its water repellent capabilities and long life. Waxed canvas is very resistant to tearing, germ buildup and is generally a versatile material. Over time, waxed canvas will develop β€œwrinkled lines” which build character. This is what makes it unique and beautiful.

To make sure your waxed canvas lasts long, please do not dry clean, machine wash or use detergent. This will break down the waxes, and it will lose its water repellant capability. Instead, use cold water to gently clean the area with a sponge, soft scrub brush, hose or cloth. You may also use a mild bar, saddle or flake soap. Hang to dry naturally. You may need to re-wax to achieve your desired look.

If you need to re-wax, we recommend using Martexin wax canvas conditioner. Please make sure the waxed canvas is dry and clean before applying wax. Apply by rubbing a small amount, depending on the loss of wax in the area. Don't forget to rub the seams. Later, apply heat to the wax surface by using a hair dryer and let dry naturally.

Don't hesitate to contact us with any questions you may have.